WhatsApp and Telegram Bug Fixed

WhatsApp and Telegram Bug Fixed

We all know that WhatsApp and Telegram are instant messaging applications, which are used by wide number of audience all over the world to keep in touch with their peers and family. Most of these sites and applications have few security flaws by which the common users face issues because of them.

Security researchers showed that they could seize control of the user accounts in WhatsApp and Telegram and both of these instant messaging apps,WhatsApp and Telegram patched the flaws immediately.

Checkpoint Software Technologies said that it alerted Telegram and WhatsApp last week waiting until the vulnerability was patched before making it public. The company didn’t specify how many accounts were seized due to this flaws but just said that “hundreds of millions” of users accessing the messaging platform from web browsers in computers posed a danger.

The danger was that by just sending an innocent looking picture over WhatsApp or Telegram the attacker can gain access to message history, all the photos which they shared and send messages on behalf of the user.

The vulnerability made it possible for an attacker to booby-trap a digital image with malicious code that could spring into action after the picture is clicked on for viewing, according to Check Point.

The malicious code could then hijack an account, and even spread itself like a virus by sending infected messages to those listed as contacts. WhatsApp and Telegram has end-to-end encryption which makes only senders and receivers see what is in a message.The privacy protection had the side effect of preventing the services from being able to discern whether message contents included malicious code, according to Check Point.

To remedy the situation, both services shifted to finding and blocking viruses before messages are encrypted, the security researchers said.



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