DeepCoder : AI to write its own code

Many of the programmers get their code from StackOverflow and you can’t figure out how to add authentication to your Flask? Now, all thanks to the Internet. your robot can be as smart as $1,000,000 coder. It is dream of artificial intelligence to build systems that can write computer programs.

The system called DeepCoder,basically searches the corpus of code to build a project that works to spec. It is basically used for solving programming competition-style problems from input-output examples using deep learning. The approach is to train a neural network to predict the properties of the program that generated outputs from the inputs. We use the neural network’s prediction to augment the search techniques from the programming languages community.

self code

DeepCoder uses a technique called program synthesis: creating new programs by piecing together lines of code taken from existing software – just like a programmer might. Given a list of inputs and outputs for each code fragment, DeepCoder learned which pieces of code were needed to achieve the desired result overall.

“It could allow non-coders to simply describe an idea for a program and let the system build it”

The paper “DeepCoder: Learning to write programs” is by Matej Balog, University of Cambridge, and Alexander Gaunt, Marc Brockschmidt, Sebastian Nowozin, and Daniel Tarlow from Microsoft Research.

The authors said that in their work, they are proposing two main ideas, “(1) learn to induce programs; that is, use a corpus of program induction problems to learn strategies that generalize across problems, and (2) integrate neural network architectures with search-based techniques rather than replace them.”

For more : DeepCoder: Learning To Write Programs


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